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Do you want to avoid Data Corruption, User & UX issues, Application Slowdowns, Memory Leaks? germain CRT (Customization Review Tool) is pre-configured for Siebel CRM, to review within 1-3hours, millions of Scripting and Repository Objects (db indexes, workflow processes, web services, buscomps, views, integration objects, etc) your Development team creates while customizing Siebel CRM. germain CRT automatically analyzes Siebel Repository and metadata, identifies violations of development best-practices that are know to cause severe performance issues,assess their severities, pre-assign them to a developer and provides guidance/tuning recommendations, all this in 1-3 hours (the time a complete review takes, may vary based on the number of validation rules, the number of siebel customizations and the hardware you run germain CRT on). germain CRT is configurable to  automate code/object review of any packageable applications (e.g. Oracle EBS, SAP, Salesforce, etc)

Download Germain CRT

Fill out this form to start you free trial. It's a very simple process to see what germain CRT for Siebel can do for you:

  1. Download the tool on your desktop and unpack the distribution file in the directory of your choice

  2. Launch the tool and connect it to your Siebel repository, then let it analyze the issues at hand

  3. See the results of the review

When running the trial version, you will see the total number of issues by priority, and you will have full access to the details of 20 issues identified for objects that have been recently changed. You can then contact us to purchase a license key and unlock germain CRT.